Meet the Team – Stuart

We think it’s important to know the staff who will be looking after you in the lead up to and during your event. #MeetTheTeamMonday has returned! For our first feature of 2020 we would like to introduce you to our Head Chef, Stuart!


How long have you worked here at 113 Chancery Lane?
I started at 113 just over 7 months ago now.


Being caterers, we must know what your favourite meal is?
My favourite meal is roast lamb with roasted vegetables and potato dauphinois. It MUST be served with redcurrant jelly.


And what about a favourite beverage?
I love cappuccinos – that is my go-to coffee everyday however I also love a Jack Daniels occasionally.


What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
Normally on weekends I like to take my two boys outdoors. We like to go sea fishing and bike riding.


What is your favourite feature/room here at 113?
The room I like the best here at 113 is the Common Room because the room itself is impressive but also the staircase leading up to it is amazing.


Now you know a little bit more about Stuart we are excited to share the rest of our team with you each week. Keep your eyes peeled for next week where will meet Bella, our Event Manager.

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