Christmas party planning made easy!

Christmas party planning made easy!

Have you been given the daunting task of planning your work’s Christmas party? We understand the pressures of trying to please everybody so, to try and make things a bit easier for you, we’ve put together some tips for planning the best Christmas party your colleagues will have ever been to!


Know your budget
It may seem obvious but, knowing how much you can spend is the best place to start and, it will help you to create a shortlist of venues that are viable options.


Know your style
Did you go to last year’s party (or even organise it)? If so, what did people enjoy the most? Are you looking for a formal sit-down dinner or something a bit more informal? Lucky for you, we’ve got both covered!


It’s never too early to book
Your boss might hate you for uttering the words “Christmas Party” before December but, venues fill up key dates so early in the year, you don’t want to miss out because you’ve left it too late. Most venues are happy to provisionally hold event spaces for a couple of weeks (we certainly are – we placed our first Christmas party on hold in January this year!). Some venues will even reduce the price slightly or throw in some extras if you book earlier in the year.


Try to visit your shortlist
Leave the office early one afternoon and try to visit as many of your shortlisted venues as possible! Seeing them in person can really help you envisage how the event will run and you will know if it’s the right fit for you and your colleagues. We always encourage site visits and are happy to show organisers around!


Pick the right menu
You have the venue covered; now it is all about the food! You might wish to opt for a similar menu to the previous year or change it up. Try to think back to what was a hit (or maybe a miss) from you last party and, you could always give your venue coordinator a call – they will definitely be able to make recommendations!


Try before you buy
How do you know you have made the right menu choices? Do not fret- all venues know the catering is just as important as picking the right venue. A month or two prior to your party, a menu tasting may be offered giving you the chance try your chosen Christmas menu.


Dress it up
Whether you are hosting a sit-down dinner, or maybe you want to go all out and party into the early hours have a think about what type of music, entertainment, additional food and beverage options you would like to offer to your guests. Your venue coordinator should be able to recommend the best suppliers based on your needs.


The Final Countdown
The finishing touches are key when it comes to having the perfect event. Make sure you have your final numbers, menu choices, dietary requirements and itinerary finalised by the advised date.


Just before you get your glad rags on, it might be worth checking in with the venue on the day of your event. Following on from this, you can leave the rest to your venue’s dedicated team whilst you let your hair down and party the night away!

So there you have it, our top tips for organising the best Christmas party! We still have some availability throughout December and would love to help you kick off your festive celebrations.


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