A wedding day to remember

Ten years ago Peter and Suzy Dibben were married at the Law Society in the City of London. Their wedding day and unique wedding reception meant so much to them, they came back in April 2016 to celebrate their 10th anniversary, this time with their two children.

Peter and Suzy first met in Brussels where they were both working for the same company. Several years later when Suzy, an American citizen, returned to Belgium they spent more and more time together.

“When we decided to get married, everything went onto fast forward,” explains Peter. “Because of Suzy’s visa, we had to marry within 90 days. We moved to the UK in January 2006 and got married on 1st April of the same year – yes, April Fool’s Day.”

Finding a wedding venue at fairly short notice could have been a big challenge. “We wanted somewhere that was quintessentially London and British, since most of our wedding guests were not from the UK. The Law Society was the perfect choice – easy to locate, everything under one roof – the ceremony, canapé reception and dinner/dancing – and it required very little decorating, the rooms are so ornate and beautiful as they are.

“The team at the Law Society made everything easy with their list of recommended suppliers – we used their caterer, florist, baker and photographer. Everything was organized by phone and email and we trusted that The Law Society would get it right.

“At the food tasting with the caterer, everything was so delicious, we knew we couldn’t go wrong with the menu, whatever we chose.

“The staff were exceptional – everything was amazingly well organized. Their suppliers are the best of the best in Central London and I don’t think we could have pulled off a wedding like ours in such a short timeframe at any other venue.”

Suzy adds: “We now live in America but it is important to us that our children feel their ties to the UK. It meant a lot to us to come back to the Law Society on our 10th anniversary and share memories of our wedding day with them.

“We were glad to see that the beautiful building is being preserved for future generations to enjoy. We were also delighted to see the interior rooms were exactly as we remembered them.

“It was a rush of happy memories! We had coffee in the Reading Room and reminisced with our kids about that day, and other special memories that we hadn’t thought about for a long time. We then made our way up to the Common Room to show them where the reception was, where the tables were set up, where the band played on the stage. They loved sharing this building with us and it made for another very special day which we can all now remember together.”